Testimonials from our Students

"I really appreciate how Meagan never makes me feel stupid for asking any kind of question."

- Peter Brevert, WordCamp Attendee (2019)

“I enjoyed learning your real-world experiences with a massive project, your roadblocks, issues, and how you solved them. Thank you.”

-Anonymous WordCamp Ottawa Attendee (2019)

“Nice overview and good job sticking to speaking points. Going over the multi-site set-up was insightful.”

-Anonymous WordCamp Ottawa Attendee (2019)

It was a wonderful weekend and everyone seemed so good and kind to each other. Never heard a disparaging word.”

-Anonymous WordCamp Ottawa Attendee (2019)

"When Meagan is teaching, I receive comments from the learners about how passionate and engaging she is. She is constantly improving her teaching methods and it really shows."

-Jane Maguire, Chapter Lead for Ladies Learning Code Ottawa